my YOGA classes

Through movement, we connect with our breath & mind. This leads us to strength and flexibility not only on the outside, but also within our hearts and minds. 

My classes have a strong focus on mindfulness.

They aim to inspire & uplift you while grounding & supporting your individuality. I will guide you to find self awareness so that we can decrease negative thoughts & behavioural patterns from the mat to everyday life.

My Vinyasa flow style classes bring heat and fire to the body, flushing away toxins & gaining strength & flexibility - physically & mentally. You will be given prompts to help balance & nourish yourself throughout the entire class.

I am always researching & learning new things to benefit myself and those that I teach. I have a strong belief that we can learn something from each & every person that comes into our lives so it’s great to start each day with an open mind.

Whether it’s your first class or you’re a seasoned yogi, my classes include plenty of options to modify or intensify the poses. Every day is going to be different. Some days we are going to need to rest more, while other times we will have that extra energy to push harder. I am passionate about making my classes suitable for all.​


class information


TUESDAYS: 9:30am - 10:30am

WEDNESDAYS: 6:30pm - 7:30pm


Casual class $12.00

5 Class Pass $50.00 ($10.00/ class)

10 Class Pass $80.00 ($8.00/ class)

Private class 45 mins $40

Private class 60 mins $50

(Contact me for available private class times)


Please text or email me with the date of the class/es that you will be attending.

I will reply to confirm that you are booked in.

Then, 30 mins prior to the class start time, you will receive a link to the ZOOM online class.

Please click on that link at least 15 mins prior to class start time.

If you are not yet familiar with ZOOM, it is an online video streaming platform.

You can check it out here - or download the ZOOM app to your phone.


Please purchase via the link below.

You will be sent a confirmation email once payment is complete.

Please check JUNK/ SPAM if email not received in your inbox.

Please don't worry - the last thing I want is to cause you stress! I mean, this is yoga.
If you have any issues at all - please contact me.
We can sort out the best options for you so that you don't have to miss out.

If you have any issues - please contact me.

Thank you for your support!

Elly Body

PHONE: 0401 621 603


Class passes valid for 6 months from date of first class.

We use Paypal for payment as it is safe & secure.

All fees are included in prices listed. No hidden fees.

If you would  prefer to transfer the money direct, please let me know.

Prices subject to change.

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