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Hi, there, my name is Elly Body.

(Maiden name - 'Moore').

I'm a Yoga Teacher & Remedial Massage Therapist.

A little piece of the journey that has shaped my life so far...


Yoga began calling my name at a time when I had reached my breaking point.

From an early age I had battled with neck & back problems.

I couldn't sleep at night which caused my daily attitude to become dull & unmotivated.

My anxiety & stress levels had sky rocketed & I had little control over my emotions.

My first yoga class... I walked out of the room feeling like I’d just taken a happy pill.

It was as though someone had just lifted a heavy backpack off of my shoulders.

My neck felt less strained & I remember crying happy tears as soon as I got to my car.

Over the next few years I travelled a lot & attended a wide variety of classes.

I began to recognize the power that yoga had & the transformation that was happening within myself.


I began practicing most days, even if it was just for ten minutes - anything I could squeeze in.

Not only was it treating my physical pain, but I could see changes within my thought patterns & behavior.

I realized that there was much more to yoga than just the physical aspect.

It was then that I decided to delve deeper & take on my yoga teacher training.


After teaching yoga for a while, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of the mind.

I dove head first into a teacher training course focused on mindfulness & meditation.

It was intense, empowering & life changing.

I have continued to explore the practice of mindfulness every day since.


Being a lover of learning, I followed my urge to explore the body some more & began studying Remedial Massage.

The power of touch is incredible & has lead me to opening my home based Remedial Massage Business at Moffat Beach. 

I still teach yoga classes via online Zoom sessions & also private 1:1 classes from my home.

I don't believe that I am a perfect or traditional yogi, however I have experienced the power of yoga & massage first hand.

I have witnessed emotional & physical transformations within myself & others therefore I am passionate about continuing to explore the boundless elements of yoga & massage.


~ Elly.

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