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Hello, My name is Elly.


I am a yoga teacher, massage therapist, mindful Mumma & online entrepreneur (to name a few of my hats).


I wasn’t always the mindful soul that I am today. I used to have intense anxiety, chronic neck pain & a nervous system that was on overdrive.


So how did I overcome this?

Let’s turn back time for a moment.


I was 17 when a doctor told me that I was anxious & depressed. He gave me a script for medication & said, “Come back in six months”.

I was 17!


I cried to my high school sweetheart, now husband, “I don’t want to take medication.” Matt held me close & said, “We will find another way.”


I spent the next few years partying & in a bit of a downwards spiral. But when I was 23, I found yoga. Breathwork, meditation & mindful movement saved me. Truly.


I had felt like I had a screw loose until I found yoga. It was a feeling of coming home to myself. Finally.


Matt & I spent the next few years travelling overseas. But after spending my savings, I found myself back in an office job.

“Property management; a glorified complaints department”, I would say to Matt most days.


I knew the 9-5 grind wasn’t for me. I wanted to be barefoot with no makeup on & get paid for it.

“Yeah right”, I thought as I drove to my corporate job. Yet deep down I knew I had to find a way.


A few months later, Matt & I decided to quit our jobs and go travelling again. We did a lap of Australia in a Volkswagen with our dog, Dexter.

I left the corporate world & followed the path to becoming a yoga teacher.


After spending our savings, again, we moved back to the Sunshine Coast & I started teaching. I also studied remedial massage & opened a massage studio from home.


We decided to try for a baby & within two months, I was pregnant with our daughter Ola Joy. I felt blessed to have fallen pregnant.


As the months passed & my belly grew, I had intense pelvic pain. I was massaging & teaching yoga every day, trading my hours for dollars & I wound up injuring myself.


As I sat on the couch in tears, I knew I had to stop massaging for a while. Another pivotal moment in my life. 


Instead of crying poor me, I took this hurdle as an opportunity to research ways to make an income online.


The thought of going back to an office job haunted me. “There has to be another option!!”, I cried to Matt.


That’s when I found a way to generate money online through high-ticket affiliate marketing.


I had very little experience in the online world. But I found a community that supported me every step of the way. And it has been a magical journey. 


I now spend my days with my daughter. We do what we love while generating an income online & supporting others to do the same.


I treat massage clients once a week & I share my love of yoga on my Instagram page @brainwashedgeneration__ 


I look back at the anxiety-riddled me & send her love. I wish I could tell her that everything will fall into place, but deep down she knows it will.

Follow me on Instagram for all things yoga & entrepreneurship. @brainwashedgeneration__ 


Much love,


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