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my story

Yoga began calling my name at a time when I had reached my breaking point. From an early age I had battled with neck and back problems and I had tried every treatment that I had been recommended, yet I was still in constant pain. I couldn't sleep at night which caused my daily attitude to become dull and unmotivated. My anxiety and stress levels had sky rocketed and I had little control over my emotions.

My first yoga class... I walked out of the room feeling like I’d just taken a happy pill. It was as though someone had just lifted a heavy backpack off of my shoulders. My neck felt less strained and I remember crying happy tears as soon as I got to my car. Over the next few years I travelled a lot and attended a wide variety of classes. I began to recognise the power that yoga had and the transformation within myself.


I began practicing most days, even if it was only for ten minutes, anything I could squeeze in. Not only was it treating my physical pain, but I could see positive changes within my thought patterns and behaviour. I realised that there was much more to yoga than just the physical aspect and it was then that I decided to delve deeper and take on my yoga teacher training.

I don't believe that I'm a perfect or traditional yogi, however I have experienced the power of yoga first hand and I do have a lot to share. I have witnessed emotional and physical transformations among myself and others, and I'm passionate about continuing to learn and explore the boundless elements of yoga.